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Chain of responsibility

What is CoR? 

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) is a legal principle which holds all parties in the supply chain responsible for transport safety - not just the driver.

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) was introduced in 2014 everywhere except NT and WA. From its inception, the HVNL has included Chain of Responsibility requirements, however their application and effects have been limited.

From 1st October 2018, changes to the current Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation will be introduced in all states and territories of Australia, excluding Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The aim of CoR is to make sure everyone in the supply chain shares responsibility for ensuring breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law do not occur. Under CoR laws if you are a party in the chain of responsibility and you control or influence any transport task (or have the capacity to do so), you have a responsibility to ensure the Heavy Vehicle National Law is complied with.

CoR legislation encompasses the key areas of fatigue, speed, load/mass dimensions, vehicle standards and maintenance.

Who is in the chain? 

The Chain of Responsibility involves anyone that controls or influences the transportation of goods, this even includes people that are not on the road or in the warehouse, such as the scheduler who is determining pick-up and delivery dates for various transportations. Everyone in the supply chain must walk the safety talk. Each role can help risk manage.

Where should I go for more information? 

The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and regulations imposes a primary duty in the chain of responsibility. Businesses are required to comply by identifying their risks, and develop and implement control measures tailored to their circumstances.  To meet your obligations under the HVNL and regulations you are required to seek independent advice to assess your circumstances.

If you would like to find more detailed information about CoR legislation changes, we suggest visiting:




Want to know more about CoR?

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