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Severe Weather

We know Australian weather can be unpredictable, and a higher probability of severe weather events adds an increased risk to transport, shipping & logistics, and machinery & equipment business owners and operators.

Severe weather can escalate quickly, so equipping yourself with an action plan ahead of time, communicating that plan across the business, and checking weather warning systems is essential for preparing for severe weather and keeping your business running.

NTI is here to help

In the event your business is affected by a weather event, NTI’s Claims Team is ready to support customers 24/7, and is experienced in dealing with Australia’s extreme conditions.
Lodge and manage claims:

  • online via NTI NOW 
  • by calling 1800 684 669 (1800 NTI Now).

Trauma counselling is also available to help customers at the time of the incident and after. 

Severe weather advice from our Risk Engineers

Preparation tips

Route changes

  • Identify alternate routes and highlight fuel stops and rest stops.
  • Be prepared for new rest stops and refuelling locations when routes and loading locations change.


  • Communicate with your customers when moving to alternate routes and delivery time frames.
  • Estimate cost changes of alternate routes and agree with the customer.

Cost  changes

  • Detours and route changes will change the delivery cost, so make sure contracts have allowances for different loading locations and extra travel distances.

Assist staff

  • Nominate staff who may need assistance in accessing depots or trucks, or getting home, including temporary accommodation if required.

Fatigue management

  • Detours and longer travel times will change your fatigue calculations; plan for any changes. 

Demand increase

  • Disruption to rail links will increase road transport requirements, so be ready to ‘flex’ if required. 

Site maintenance

  • Ensure no loose parts or equipment are lying around and pump out wash bay sumps to prevent overflow and oily water runoff.

Site operations

  • If the power goes off, you’ll have no cameras, alarms or security gates – have backup plans in place to keep your site(s) safe. 
  • Establish remote working capabilities in case your office or depot is not operational.

Rosters and parking

  • Update your park-up plan and staff roster so you can relocate equipment in the event of severe weather.

FAQs for customers during a weather event

  • Customers seeking to lodge a claim can do so by reaching out to their broker, or contacting NTI directly via our 24/7 NTI Accident Assist number on 1800 NTI NOW (1800 684 669).

  • Please have the below details on hand when making your claim:

    • Policy number
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Drivers licence
    • Information about what happened (including any supporting documents, eg. police report)
    • Any identifying equipment model badges
    • VIN number
    • A wide shot of damaged area
    • Image of the equipment in the damage zone  
    • Photos of all panels of your equipment 
    • Your odometer
    • Equipment interior
  • An NTI Claims Manager will evaluate the damage at lodgement time to determine next steps. NTI will endeavour to contact you within 4 business hours of your broker (or you) notifying NTI of your claim.

  • Please take photos of your damaged personal items. Create a list and locate as many receipts as possible. Your Claims Manager will discuss all potential losses.  

  • Laws vary across Australia regarding when an item needs to be written off. NTI will advise if it’s repairable and talk you through your options after it’s assessed.

  • Yes. NTI offers you choice of repairer, however our accredited Premium Repairer Network is designed to meet any repair need. Our network of trusted Premium and Local Repairers is rapidly expanding across Australia, with over 50 repairers nationwide. We are confident your repair can be done close to home! For more information visit our website   

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